Our Unique Insight

Research data should be treated as an accumulating asset,
curated for quality, organized for reusability, and enriched for value.

About Prometheus Research

Prometheus Research was founded to provide superior research operational management services inherently designed to accelerate discovery and improve the state of care through the repurposing of high-quality health data.

This singular focus has enabled Prometheus to support some of the most ambitious projects in biomedical research and healthcare while establishing us as the leading solution for multidisciplinary and multisite research endeavors.

Our registries allow partners, and their stakeholders, to concentrate on their primary mission of identifying insights and opportunities for improving care. They are free to focus on what matters, secure in the knowledge that the growing data asset they are building is secure, trustworthy, and well managed.

When we’re not liberating fire from the gods to give to mankind, we’re developing an open-source clinical research database and patient registry software that makes it easier to share and repurpose scientific data, clinical research databases, and to facilitate the process of scientific discovery.

Why are we passionate about open-source tools for open science? Because some knowledge is too important not to share.

Leon Rozenblit
Founder & CEO

Leon trained as a research scientist at Yale, where he earned his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology. He has been leading teams in creating high-quality data assets that accelerate discovery for nearly 20 years. His career in informatics has ranged from supporting intra-lab collaborations to national and international programs with multimillion-dollar budgets.

John Moroniti
President & COO

John has led the charge for efficiency and accountability at Prometheus while overseeing the Engineering, Operations, and Business Development teams. Throughout his career, John has combined a focus of process design and product delivery with an emphasis on business management, strategic planning, and cultural development.

Clark C. Evans
Platform Architect

Clark is a veteran software architect with a keen interest in creating tools for “accidental programmers,” professionals who are not software engineers by trade, yet nonetheless write, script, or configure software to accomplish their goals. Clark’s vision for using technology to speed collaboration and help create cross-functional teams is increasingly accepted in healthcare and biomedicine.

William Lawrence (Bill)
VP of Sales & Marketing

Bill has over 25 years of sales, marketing, and customer service experience in a variety of industries and enjoys helping clients think through and solve their most complex data challenges. Client success is his team’s driving motivation.

Ben Lawlor
Director of Solutions Delivery

Ben has over 10 years of business analysis, project management and software development experience. At Prometheus, Ben leads the Operations Team, ensuring that projects are run efficiently and our clients receive high-quality solutions that exceed their expectations.

David Voccola
Senior Consultant

A co-founder of Prometheus, David has extensive experience in supporting complex clinical research and medical informatics initiatives. His specialty is defining business process analysis and data repurposing strategies for healthcare improvement.

Our Values

At Prometheus, integrity means a deep consistency between your beliefs and your behavior, as well as a consistency within your beliefs. That kind of integrity speaks to being a whole person and shows you stand for something and are proud of what you stand for. That kind of integrity is more than honesty, more than just saying things that are true. Integrity means that your character can be deduced from your actions and that your character is internally consistent.

At Prometheus, curiosity is critical. We are an adapting, learning organization, and curiosity is what makes someone successful in this rapidly changing environment. Innate curiosity is the desire to learn new things. It is something that is difficult to fake if you don’t have it. People at Prometheus are all genuinely curious about making things better for ourselves, for the people around us and for our customers. We all enjoy being on the steep portion of the learning curve.

We treat each other with the respect and consideration due independent thinking beings. We are charitable in our assumptions of good intent and competence in all our communication with internal and external collaborators. We represent what is best about civil behavior by treating even the people we don’t yet know well as valued potential partners.

We do not rest on our success. Prometheus regularly applies new best practices from clinical research informatics, business process analysis, and user-centered design.

Our relentless focus on data quality and transparency ensures that every data element/record will be defensible and trustworthy across a variety of quality improvement and comparative effectiveness activities.

Key Industry Partners

Recent Press

Lupus Foundation of America Announces Development of Next Generation Data Platform to Advance Lupus Research

The Lupus Foundation of America is excited to announce the development of a next-generation data platform supporting the acceleration and advancement of lupus research. The data platform is built in partnership with Prometheus Research, a leading health informatics company with proven success developing flexible, scalable registry databases to answer current and future growth needs within the lupus research field.

The Case for Medical Marijuana Registries: Practice Risk Management and outcomes Claims

We outline how medical marijuana dispensaries and legislators can establish the ability of the dispensaries to risk manage their patient base by demonstrating a commitment to monitoring and reporting of response to botanical marijuana in the process of care.

Awards and Recognition

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