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About Prometheus Research

Prometheus is a leading provider of research informatics solutions and data management services. In business since 1999, Prometheus serves eminent research institutions, has a great track record of project success, and fantastic testimonials from customers. Our clinical research data management and patient registry tools and best practices have been used to collect and distribute data from tens of thousands of participants, and our expertise has been instrumental in the creation of emerging clinical research data management standards, including the RexQL™ query language, the RexDB® informatics platform, and the National Database for Autism Research (NDAR) Global Unique Identifier (GUID). Prometheus is a trusted partner to the Yale University Child Study Center, the Marcus Autism Center, the Simons Foundation and other leading research institutions.

Privately held, Prometheus began as a consultancy out of Yale University and has been funded by successful customer projects since. Recognized as one of the fastest growing small businesses in America by Inc magazine, Prometheus’ vision is to provide low-cost, high quality clinical research database, patient registry solutions and data management services to help health-minded data owners get more value from their data. Prometheus currently has over two dozen clients and has seen tremendous growth in the last 10 years.

When we’re not liberating fire from the gods to give to mankind, we’re developing open-source clinical research database and patient registry software that makes it easier to share and repurpose scientific data, clinical research databases, and to manage the process of scientific discovery. Why are we passionate about open-source tools for open science? Because some knowledge is too important not to share.


Leon Rozenblit, JD, PhD
Leon Rozenblit, JD, PhDFounder & CEO

Our Mission is to empower teams to securely harness complex, sensitive data in regulated environments.

Our Values

At Prometheus, integrity means a deep consistency between your beliefs and your behavior, as well as a consistency within your beliefs. That kind of integrity speaks to being a whole person and shows you stand for something and are proud of what you stand for. That kind of integrity is more than honesty, more than just saying things that are true. Integrity means that your character can be deduced from your actions and that your character is internally consistent.
At Prometheus, curiosity is critical. We are an adapting, learning organization, and curiosity is what makes someone successful in this rapidly changing environment. Innate curiosity is the desire to learn new things. It is something that is difficult to fake if you don’t have it. People at Prometheus are all genuinely curious about making things better for ourselves, for the people around us and for our customers. We all enjoy being on the steep portion of the learning curve.
We treat each other with respect and consideration due independent thinking beings. We are charitable in our assumptions of good intent and competence in all our communication with internal and external collaborators. We represent what is best about civil behavior by treating even the people we don’t yet know well as valued potential partners.
We are a company that creates and innovates. We are always exploring the outer limits of what’s possible. Frequent setbacks are inherent in the process. If you lack determination, you will never get far enough to solve the problem. When the going gets tough, it helps to remember that we’re all here because we find problem-solving fun. As a company, we are supportive of experimentation and thus of failure. At Prometheus, we only fail until we succeed.

What Our Clients Say

When I think of all the different ways in which Prometheus has been helpful on my projects, it’s amazing that they were hired “just” to build software. That’s probably because they’ve helped overcome numerous research challenges that had nothing to do with actually building the system. Their ability to quickly deliver software and procedures that support changing research environments, coupled with their deep caring about the research itself, makes it easy for me to recommend them.
Jennifer Tjernagel, MS, Project Manager, Simons Foundation, Simons Variation in Individuals Project

Recent Press

Prometheus Research Announces $1M in Expanded Funding From Public and Private Sectors, Sees Broader Applications for Their Integrated Registry Platform

Prometheus Research announced today they have received nearly $1M in additional support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and health-focused private philanthropies for their work developing open-source integrated registry software and related clinical research informatics data standards. Building on the success of their Phase I SBIR award from the [...]

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