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When you’re ready to create one of the world’s best datasets, cure a disease,

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Getting Started is the Hardest Part

No one has ever said, “I wish I’d engaged those experts later,” but we get it. As repeat winners of NIH and NSF innovation awards, we know how slippery the path from idea to execution can feel.

We start with a confidential conversation to determine a budget-friendly analysis project. With this simple engagement, you will have a true understanding of what you have, what you need, how long it will take, and what it might cost.

If you choose to continue our relationship and have our team of experts build your custom solution (the majority of our analysis client do), wonderful. If you decide to go another way, all of our analyses and recommendations are fully-transferable and vendor-agnostic.

Either way, you will gain our best knowledge on the subject with the added benefit of getting to test drive the relationship before inviting us on your journey.

Informatics Consulting Services

  • Data Acquisition, Curation, Repurposing, and Sharing Strategies

  • Information Model Design & Mapping

  • Data Management Staff Training

  • Data Cleaning & Validation

  • Statistical Data Preparation

Initiative Preparedness Analyses

  • Organizational Readiness Evaluation

  • Business Plan Assertion Testing

  • Data Quality, Reusability, and Portability Testing
  • Quality Measurement Plan Evaluation
  • Data Partner Outreach Plan Evaluation
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Frequently Wondered Questions

Hesitant to reach out? Maybe these will help.

I’m nervous about sharing information about our organization. How can we protect our ideas and private information, but still get the analysis we need? 2017-12-14T20:37:50+00:00

For any level of engagement beyond the first get-to-know-you conversation, we always get a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We do this to not only protect your vital organization and project details, but also to protect our own ideas and insights. Any successful relationship benefits from candor. Both sides will feel more comfortable knowing everyone agrees to keep the shared information confidential.

Do I have to sign a mutual NDA just to chat with you? 2017-12-10T15:39:02+00:00

Not for a get-to-know-each-other chat, but a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) gives everyone peace of mind when we’re ready to really dig into the details. 

How long do analysis engagements typically last? 2017-12-15T22:24:11+00:00

That’s the great thing about an analysis project—you’ll walk away with a clearer picture of what you have and what you need to achieve your goal in a very short time. Our typical analyses are completed in as little as two weeks depending on the complexity of your project and our current backlog.


Will I get full value from the analysis project even if I choose not to use any other Prometheus services or software? 2017-12-15T22:35:38+00:00

The work we agree to do together will be guided by a mutually agreed Statement of Work (SOW) which typically specify that the analysis report will be fully portable. That means you will be able to use our recommendations even if you choose to implement them with an in-house or a third-party team.

What will I have at the end of my analysis project? 2017-12-14T19:10:27+00:00

While each project is unique, typical analysis engagements result in a comprehensive report describing our analysis methods, findings, recommendations, and include a thoroughly documented, realistic, and actionable plan.

Can we still chat if I’m working with one of your competitors? 2017-12-15T15:02:46+00:00

Of course. Some of our current clients engaged with us after starting a project with another vendor. Our goal is to help you find the best path forward by providing you with unbiased, vendor-agnostic, and fully portable recommendations.

We turned to Prometheus for help when our association needed to self-nominate to become a CMS Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). Thanks to their team of registry experts, we not only submitted our self-nomination on time—we gained invaluable strategic guidance on our long-term vision for the registry. I cannot recommend their registry consulting services highly enough!
Keith Darby, Deputy Executive Director, American College of Phlebology