American Optometric Association, Prometheus Research to Create Transformative Health Outcomes Registry

The American Optometric Association (AOA) has chosen Prometheus Research to Build Their Health Outcomes Registry

Prometheus Research announced today that it has been chosen by the American Optometric Association (AOA) to build a state-of-the-art registry aimed at enhancing care delivery and outcomes for the millions of patients treated by AOA members each year. AOA’s Measures and Outcomes Registry for Eyecare (MORE) will leverage Prometheus’ open source RexRegistry platform, and will securely facilitate efficient secondary uses of essential health and operations data.

“We’ve been very happy with our decision to partner with Prometheus on creating AOA’s MORE. Our team has benefited not just from their expertise in integrating data from EHRs and other sources, but also from their ability to present technical ideas and options in a way that engages our doctors and association staff,” explained Dr. Beth Kneib, AOA’s Clinical Resources Group Director.

Underpinning AOA’s MORE is the RexRegistry data integration platform. Developed by Prometheus to help control and reduce the biggest cost drivers in registry projects—namely the continuous integration and presentation of new data—RexRegistry makes the work of maintaining and enhancing registries more efficient and repeatable by empowering data analysts to directly manage much of the data integration and data access pipeline.

In addition to satisfying regulatory requirements for AOA’s nearly 40,000 members, AOA’s MORE will enable a new generation of specialty-wide initiatives around quality improvement, education, and patient-reported outcomes. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with AOA,” shared David Voccola, co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Prometheus Research. “Combining AOA’s passion for quality with Prometheus’ technological and clinical research informatics expertise has the potential to be transformative in the field of eye care.”

“Imagine every optometrist in the country being able to collaborate on outcomes for glaucoma management, amblyopia treatment, contact lens-induced ulcers, myopia progression and more using evidence-based outcomes to improve our patient’s care instead of waiting years for clinical trials,” Dr. Jeffrey Michaels, chair of the AOA’s Quality Improvement and Registries Committee, said. “As the primary eye care profession, this is a huge opportunity for optometry and the millions of patients we serve every year.”