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An Agile Clinical Data Registry for Accelerating Human Subjects Research

After nearly 20 years of supporting complex biomedical research, we understand the challenges of managing concurrent studies and why no amount of bad data will ever be enough to answer the questions facing your community. From streamlining multisite collaborations to enabling unprecedented data reuse, RexRegistry helps your team do more—in less time—than ever before.

A Clinical Data Registry that supports everything your research teams need

What RexRegistry Can Do

RexRegistry is a powerful data hub for centralizing and repurposing your research data across studies, cohorts, and even REDCap instances.

Though the name is a blending of “research exchange” and “registry,” it’s capabilities are far greater than the sum of these parts. RexRegistry is a next-generation research platform built specifically to maximize the reusability of research data and to reduce the time and effort required to get from data collection to analysis by 80% or more. It accomplishes these feats by enabling research organizations to ingest, curate, enrich, and create analytic datasets from all of the data generated across their various studies, protocols, instruments, cohorts, and time-points. But it’s usefulness is not limited to managing existing data: RexRegistry also includes everything researchers need to manage their live studies, and even plays nicely with popular project-based tools, like REDCap.

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RexRegistry knows everything about your studies, cohorts, protocols, data capture forms, and research instruments, and employs a multimodal data acquisition strategy to ingest different types of data: It includes native tools for capturing data directly from participants and research staff, and it also plays nicely with the electronic data capture (EDC) tools you might already use, like REDCap, Qualtrics, and even clinical trials management systems. And its robust application programming interfaces (APIs) enable you to import legacy data and integrate RexRegistry with devices, informatics pipelines, and statistical packages.

RexRegistry centrally manages your study and form configuration, and pushes the configurations to your favorite EDC tools, ensuring consistency across studies and collaborators. This enables RexRegistry to automatically organize your data within and across your studies, from a variety of source systems and processes. Most importantly, it applies validation rules to identify potentially problematic data before it disrupts your data processing pipelines or wastes your statistician’s time.

RexRegistry can integrate data from multiple studies and/or time-points to create more powerful analytic datasets. It can also bring in data from external sources—like social determinants of health or environmental data from public sources—and use it to expand the usefulness of your primary research data. RexRegistry can even precompute complex derived variables that cut across any studies, cohorts, instruments, and time-points in the registry.

RexRegistry has specialized user interfaces for supporting your study coordinators, data managers, data scientists, and even participants. For example, it can help users with recruitment and progress tracking, generating data completeness reports, creating shareable datasets for analysis or publication, and remembering upcoming visits.

When data is organized for analysis, using it for more than one purpose becomes the norm, not the exception. RexRegistry includes powerful tools for sharing and reusing data from within and across your different research endeavors; and its user management and data access controls are robust enough to support sharing versioned datasets directly with external collaborators and publishers.

Your statisticians and data scientists are perpetually busy; but did you know that 80% of their “data analysis” efforts actually go into the tedious, repetitive work of wrangling the raw data they receive into datasets that are usable for analysis? RexRegistry eliminates most of this monotonous work by delivering just-in-time analytic datasets that are already clean and organized for each team’s specific data uses. And the datasets are available in many common statistical and programmatic formats, as via both exportable files and secure APIs.

An End-to-End Solution for Complex Human Subjects Research

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Research Data Points & Growing
Research Instruments Collected
Research Events Tracked

We’ve put together a checklist to help you get started

  • Understand the variables and data structure types inherent in research data
  • The importance of standardizing your research operations workflows
  • Questions to address interoperability and data repurposing
  • Methods for ensuring security and privacy
  • Maximizing the value and use of your research data
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Everything You Need for Sustainable Success

We know researchers have very different local environments and levels of support. We can provide you with everyone and everything you need to make your registry a sustainable success, including hosting and managing your registry, and providing data management, training, and security consulting.

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