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A Proposed Registry Design for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

We outline the structure and content of a Prometheus cannabis dispensary registry utilizing RexRegistry to monitor patients to fulfill their duty of care and differentiate themselves from recreational marijuana shop fronts.

The Case for Medical Marijuana Registries: Practice Risk Management and outcomes Claims

We outline how medical marijuana dispensaries and legislators can establish the ability of the dispensaries to risk manage their patient base by demonstrating a commitment to monitoring and reporting of response to botanical marijuana in the process of care.

Establishing Outcomes Standards for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

One of the more puzzling features of the embrace of medical marijuana programs by state governments in the US is the lack of established dispensary standards for monitoring the use and impact. Discover the importance of required audit standards and the role of site-specific registries in reducing barriers to the acceptance of medical marijuana by providers, patients, and health agencies.

The Essential Common Rule Updates Guide for 2018

As you well know, Common Rule is the federal policy for the protection of human test subjects. Published in 1991, it has been updated and amended along the way, including the most recent revision—aka the Final Rule—which goes into effect on July 19, 2018. Changes have been made and agreed upon between sixteen different federal departments and agencies, spearheaded by the U.S, Department of Health and Human Services.

Guide to Best Data Management Practices for Data Analysis

In this article on data management best practices for data analysis, we’ll look at 3 distinct sections that will provide you with a well-rounded strategy that can be implemented with your organization’s data: data cleaning and transformation, tidy data and tidy tools, and managing data. Click here to learn more.

10 Healthcare Quality Improvement Trends You Can’t Ignore

In this article, we’ll examine 10 healthcare quality improvement trends that will impact the healthcare industry for years to come. The healthcare industry has one constant: change. While new medical technologies and scientific advances will improve patient outcomes and quality of life, Prometheus believes that innovation in behind-the-scenes activities will serve as some of the primary drivers of industry advancement.