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It Takes More Than Software and Experience To Build an Exceptional Quality Improvement Clinical or Research Registry

We help you achieve your long-term vision through data quality assurance, training, support,

and professional hosting services (your data center or ours).

Data Quality Assurance

An overarching goal of any Prometheus registry is to minimize the need to clean and/or transform received data, as doing either unnecessarily complicates data provenance and risks affecting data quality. Instead, we seek to mitigate unclean data entering the registry, quarantine suspicious data for reconciliation at the source, and maintain all data exactly as it was received. When data is needed to support a specific activity, our systems can dynamically organize it into an appropriate healthcare information model. Our software incorporates the latest interoperability data standards and techniques.

Security & Privacy

As a provider responsible for managing highly sensitive data in both healthcare and biomedical research environments, HIPAA- and HITECH-compliance are deeply ingrained in our culture, policies, and procedures. Protocols have been established for major security components including administrative, physical, and technical safeguards; organizational standards; and policies and procedures. We conduct comprehensive security risk analysis with a systematic approach to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities to PHI, which may include cyber-attack, theft, workforce member error, security incident or a violation of policies and procedures.

Training & Support

We are serious about ensuring that our clients have all the education they need to be successful. Training can be held remotely utilizing live and interactive web-based platforms or at your facility. Printed materials and videos for ongoing instruction are provided. Standard training covers account setup and login steps, management of user accounts (site administration), data mart administration and use, querying, data analytics and reporting.

Reliable Hosting Services

Prometheus provides the flexibility of a full range of services and support to meet our client’s specific needs.