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Call for Speakers: Prometheus Research Webinar Series on Clinical Research Informatics

Prometheus is lining up speakers for our monthly lecture (webinar) series on tools, trends, and opportunities within clinical research informatics. Topics range from regulatory changes and emerging national standards to data management best practices and tools to optimize the quality of research programs and multi-site research networks.  

The following are sample topics from recent presentations:

  • How Research Centers Can Leverage Proposed Changes to the Common Rule to Double Productivity
  • Multiply the Value of Your Data by Bridging the Clinic and Research Divide
  • How to Leverage ‘Data Marts’ to Explore Clinical Research Data in Highly Regulated Environments
  • The Research Instrument Open Standard (RIOS): A Free, Universal Standard and Set of Conversion Tools for EDC Metadata
  • What Does it Mean to Be “Open Source” and What Are the Implications for Clinical Research?

Our Audience

Our audience ranges from clinical research coordinators to directors of research centers and research informatics teams, typically within academic research institutions. We also attract physician leaders overseeing registry development within professional medical societies and medical associations.

The average size of our webinar audience is between 100-200 engaged individuals (our largest was over 600 attendees). We are able to attract a large crowd due to the quality of our webinar content and the relevancy of our material.

Presentation format

  • Live webinar, with recording to be made available
  • Free, pre-registration required
  • 30 minutes of lecture, followed by moderated Q&A with the audience lasting 10-20 minutes
  • Speakers typically use 20-30 slides; we suggest creating slides that contain more informative graphics than text

We seek to continue our popular lecture series by introducing our audience to outside expertise.  Do you want to educate others on a recent trend? Review an important case study? Distill a complex informatics concept for others in order to improve the state of clinical research data?

Then we’d like to hear from you with a brief topic proposal.

Please include with your topic proposal:

  • A summary of your topic (1-3 paragraphs), including why you think your topic will be attractive to our audience.
  • Your vision for an ideal audience (1-3 sentences) for your topic (we will use this to shape our promotion efforts)
  • A short list (3-5 bullets) of what the audience will learn from your presentation.
  • Your CV or Biosketch (standard NIH format is preferred but not required)

If your topic is selected, you will be expected to provide:

  • A short biography and a headshot (we’ll trim the image to our needs).
  • Participation in 1-2 run-throughs with a few members of our staff at least 1-wk prior to the event.
  • A slide deck (no more than 30 slides), at least two weeks prior to the scheduled presentation. Prometheus staff will be available to provide final copyedits and co-branding. Please note that both the slides and a recording of the event will be shared publicly following the webinar, though we can adjust the amount of slide content shared if necessary.
  • A 30-minute live webinar presentation followed by a 15 minute Q&A.

Webinar Promotion

Prometheus will promote the webinar using email and social media channels leading up the presentation date. Depending on the topic, we may choose to promote it more widely through affiliated professional groups.

This is an excellent opportunity to educate others on a topic that is of importance to you, increase your professional exposure, and may even advance your career.

If you have a topic you’re interested in presenting, but aren’t ready to send a proposal, please email us to schedule an exploratory call:


We’re looking forward to hearing from you!



Rosemarie Gallichio
Director of Marketing
Prometheus Research