How the Common Rule 2018 Updates Can Affect Your Research and Quality Improvement Strategies

As you well know, Common Rule is the federal policy for the protection of human test subjects. Published in 1991, it has been updated and amended along the way, including the most recent revision—aka the Final Rule—which goes into effect on July 19, 2018. Changes have been made and agreed upon between sixteen different federal departments and agencies, spearheaded by the U.S, Department of Health and Human Services.

Guide to Best Data Management Practices for Data Analysis

In this article on data management best practices for data analysis, we’ll look at 3 distinct sections that will provide you with a well-rounded strategy that can be implemented with your organization’s data: data cleaning and transformation, tidy data and tidy tools, and managing data. Click here to learn more.

10 Healthcare Quality Improvement Trends You Can’t Ignore

In this article, we’ll examine 10 healthcare quality improvement trends that will impact the healthcare industry for years to come. The healthcare industry has one constant: change. While new medical technologies and scientific advances will improve patient outcomes and quality of life, Prometheus believes that innovation in behind-the-scenes activities will serve as some of the primary drivers of industry advancement.

7 Challenges of Mastering Clinical Data Registries

In this article we will examine the top 7 challenges of mastering clinical data registries. Understanding each individual demand will help you better build out a CDR capable of compiling mass amounts of data, supporting vast amounts of complex research, and leveraging your findings to their full potential.

Three simple ways to refresh your data management practices

Three Simple Ways to Refresh Your Data Management Practices Since we're all about saving time,  we already did the hard work for you by creating the list below of three (reasonable) data management goals to tackle. These goals are sure [...]

Leveraging Research Data to Enhance Quality Improvement Initiatives

Does quality improvement really matter and do we need to convince you that it’s important to advancing state-of-the-art healthcare? This is the debate that has been raging amongst us recently and, after much thought and discussion, we came to the conclusion that it does matter, but that we don’t need to convince you…. Everyone working in healthcare today already understands why quality improvement is important and that it will have an vital impact on state-of-the-art healthcare.

Research Trends: Repurposing Healthcare Registries to Improve Quality, Performance, and Outcomes

For many years, registries were created for a very singular purpose, such as PQRS reporting, benchmarking, or developing best practices for particular procedures and interventions. In our era of increased transparency and accountability, health-focused organizations have strong incentives to reduce costs and improve quality of care. This is an inherently data-driven enterprise that can be served by registries.

A Brief Introduction to Clinical Nomenclatures

A Brief Introduction to Clinical Nomenclatures Vocabulary management systems in electronic health records (EHRs) standardize how medical information is communicated. Although primarily intended to improve patient care, they also benefit researchers by bringing structure to complicated, nuanced, and dynamic health [...]

Record Matching: Facilitating Rich Data Sets When Merging Clinical Database

Record Matching: Facilitating Rich Data Sets When Merging Clinical Database. The digitization of health records is making the aggregation of EHRs, prescription claims information, and other clinical data easier than ever before. But before analyzing clinical data collected from different databases, researchers need to first determine where the databases overlap.

NLP: Tapping Into EHR Text Fields

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Make Use of Electronic Health Records Text Fields For Medical Research Electronic health records (EHRs) are digitizing valuable medical data on a massive scale. However, up to 70% of meaningful information for medical registries, [...]

The New Face of Research Surveys: Opportunities and Challenges

The New Face of Medical Research Surveys: Opportunities and Challenges Surveys have historically been one of the most important tools available for conducting empirical research. Today, they continue to be prominent within social and behavioral science research and play growing roles [...]

The Pitfalls of Spreadsheet Data Management

The Pitfalls of Spreadsheet Data Management Spreadsheet software is almost as ubiquitous as the personal computer itself. Even in rigorous research contexts, programs like Microsoft Excel offer an environment for ad hoc analyses, back-of-the-envelope calculations, dashboard prototyping, and more. But [...]

EHRs for Clinical Outcomes Research: How to Maintain Researcher Productivity

Prometheus Research can help researchers truly leverage the power of EHR data through software toolkits, clinical informatics expertise, and proven experience transforming raw data into research-grade information.

The Key to a Partnership between You and Your Registry Vendor

Research Trends: Repurposing Healthcare Registries to Improve Quality, Performance, and Outcomes With the growing digitization of the patient record and care in general, the medical registry has become increasingly important. Having a centralized data repository tailored to a specific set [...]

How To Spot A Good HIPAA-Compliant Business Associates Agreement (BAA)

When working with sensitive information, precision and transparency in Business Associates Agreements between CEs and BAs are vital to building productive and mutually beneficial relationships of trust. Make sure your BAA provides adequate protection for your HIPAA-compliant data.

The Quandary of Data Sharing in Clinical Research

The Quandary of Data Sharing in Clinical Research Suppose you and I are clinical researchers who both work in the Boston area. We want to collaborate on a project together. We’re interested in finding genetic markers of treatment response and [...]