Our Top 5 Rules for Stress-Free NDAR Data Submission

After many years of experience submitting to NDAR, Prometheus has learned a thing or two. With that knowledge, we’ve put together a list of tips for approaching your NDAR data submission. With these tools in your back pocket, there’s no [...]

A Brief Introduction to Clinical Nomenclatures

Vocabulary management systems in electronic health records (EHRs) standardize how medical information is communicated. Although primarily intended to improve patient care, they also benefit researchers by bringing structure to complicated, nuanced, and dynamic health data. Built into EHR software, vocabulary management [...]

Record Matching: Facilitating Rich Data Sets When Merging Clinical Database

The digitization of health records is making the aggregation of EHRs, prescription claims information, and other clinical data easier than ever before. But before analyzing clinical data collected from different databases, researchers need to first determine where the databases overlap. [...]

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NLP: Tapping Into EHR Text Fields

Electronic health records (EHRs) are digitizing valuable medical data on a massive scale. However, up to 70% of meaningful information for medical registries, outcomes researchers, and clinicians is held within practitioner notes. These free text fields are unstructured, so there [...]

The New Face of Research Surveys: Opportunities and Challenges

Surveys have historically been one of the most important tools available for conducting empirical research. Today, they continue to be prominent within social and behavioral science research and play growing roles in areas such as clinical outcomes research. However, surveys are [...]

The Pitfalls of Spreadsheet Data Management

Spreadsheet software is almost as ubiquitous as the personal computer itself. Even in rigorous research contexts, programs like Microsoft Excel offer an environment for ad hoc analyses, back-of-the-envelope calculations, dashboard prototyping, and more. But the user-friendliness of spreadsheet software tempts [...]

EHRs for Clinical Outcomes Research: How to Maintain Researcher Productivity

Opportunities for advancing clinical outcomes research are on the rise. This is largely thanks to electronic health records (EHRs)—a patient care tool that is already capturing meaningful clinical information on an unprecedented scale. But the sheer existence of EHR databases does [...]

Automating Care: Where We’re Going and How We’ll Get There

In clinical contexts, “automation” is a buzzword. It’s meant to inspire images of doctors' offices filled with computers as they calculate ways to improve patient outcomes at lower costs. This is where we're headed, but we're not quite there. Not [...]

How Amazon Reminded Us That Not All Business Associates Agreements (BAAs) Are Created Equal

Ever since Amazon announced that it was changing its policy to sign BAAs for HIPAA-compliant data storage, we’ve been eager and excited. That sentiment soon turned to disappointment, however, when we read their proposed agreement. The use of remote data [...]

NIMH Expands Support for Open Source RexDB®, Funds $450K Grant

Prometheus Research has been awarded $450,000 by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to extend its Open Source Research Exchange Database (RexDB) for the management of anxiety disorders research, and more broadly, interventional research. The [...]