RexStudy: Completely Redesigned Visit and To-Do Generation

We’ve been busy working behind the scenes of RexStudy to improve the usability design of a complex, but valuable tool for study managers—automatic visit and to-do generation. Until now, visits and to-dos were automatically generated for a participant as soon [...]

Usability 101 in Design

When we design a product, we want to ensure at least two things. First, the product should be useful (of course). Second, the product should be usable. Usefulness doesn't matter if people can't figure out how to use it. "As [...]

How A Single Sheet of Paper Can Transform Your User Experience

What does a sheet of paper and an expensive, fancy computer lab have in common? Paper evokes tradition, while computers evoke innovation—in fact, we often perceive cutting-edge computers as a replacement for old-fashioned paper. But as incompatible as they might [...]

Minimalist Design

We believe in a minimalist design approach. That means that everything on the page matters: if we took it away, the page would be less useful. Every box, button, color, menu, hint, title, table, label, legend, link, line, and logo [...]

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Interface Design: Fitts’s Law

When we build applications, our primary mission is to support the activity at hand, whether it’s data analysis, data entry, or something else. Our design efforts center around questions like “What data does a person need to see on this [...]