Evidence-Generating Medicine (EGM) a Highlight at AMIA Joint Summits 2015

Last month I had the pleasure of attending my favorite conference, the American Medical Informatics Association’s (AMIA) Joint Summits on Translational Science in San Francisco, with several of my colleagues from Prometheus. In this article, I’d like to highlight a [...]

How Amazon Reminded Us That Not All Business Associates Agreements (BAAs) Are Created Equal

Ever since Amazon announced that it was changing its policy to sign BAAs for HIPAA-compliant data storage, we’ve been eager and excited. That sentiment soon turned to disappointment, however, when we read their proposed agreement. The use of remote data [...]

Research Trends: Repurposing Healthcare Registries to Improve Quality, Performance, and Outcomes

Registries have begun to take new shape as medical societies and associations realize the potential value of their data. For those of you unfamiliar with what a healthcare registry is (or understandably confused by its seemingly endless number of uses), [...]

Hacking the Brain at OHBM 2013

By: Frank Farach, Staff Scientist Did you know that we may soon be able to control robots with our minds? This was just one of many interesting research applications I learned about at the annual meeting of the Organization for [...]

Interface Design: Fitts’s Law

When we build applications, our primary mission is to support the activity at hand, whether it’s data analysis, data entry, or something else. Our design efforts center around questions like “What data does a person need to see on this [...]