Embracing Agile Product Development: Producing Better Software for Research

Prometheus chose to adopt Scrum, one of the many variations in the agile methodology, to deliver products. Agile product development is collaborative, incremental and iterative allowing for continuous improvement and adaptation to change, versus the sequential approach used in Waterfall methodologies. Scrum is one of the more popular agile methods, that employs an empirical process framework where the project team is thought of as a single “unit” moving the project forward.


Now if only it were as easy as flipping a switch, declaring “We’re all going Scrum!” and be on our way. A few Prometheans have taken additional courses and participated in training sessions to master the execution of Scrum projects. We’ve also begun using Scrum on a few pilot projects before we roll it out on all new projects. Our initial findings are that Scrum improves how quickly we can get new features developed, improves project communication and allows us to adopt to new changes more easily. Adopting Scrum hasn’t been without its challenges, but we’re working through them and think Scrum will greatly improve how we deliver products going forward.