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An Agile Data Registry for Empowering the Learning Health Model in your Discipline

There are myriad ways to improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes, but they all require trustworthy and actionable data. RexRegistry can bring together data from care delivery, billing, social determinants, and patient-reports to create a meaningful picture of human health that drives measurement and feedback.


A Clinical Data Registry that supports all of your healthcare improvement initiatives

What RexRegistry Can Do

RexRegistry bridges the chasm between measurement and feedback.

RexRegistry is a next-generation registry platform that empowers speciality societies to address the most difficult aspects of applying the learning health system model to their discipline(s). Together with our available team of analysts and informaticists, our clinical data registry solutions are ideal for helping the different stakeholders in your community achieve a virtuous cycle of measurement, analysis, and adjustment—including your members, their employers, their patients, and even collaborators in industry, academia, or government.

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Understanding which factors have large effects on patient outcomes, cost, and physician effort requires an agile approach to acquiring data that can traverse a wide breadth of the healthcare landscape, including clinical research, care delivery, billing, social determinants, and patient reports. RexRegistry employs a multimodal acquisition strategy that simultaneously leverages both manual and automated options to obtain high-quality data across each of these domains—and beyond.

No amount of bad data will ever be enough to improve the state of care in your discipline—and “data cleaning” is just a polite way of saying, “throwing away hard-won data that turned out to be bad.” RexRegistry solutions mitigate this unwanted outcome by leveraging its robust quality control and quality assurance mechanisms, which can flag problematic data the moment it arrives, and ensure data quality remains high over time.

Improving healthcare means looking beyond billing—and even clinical—sources of information. Most estimates suggest that 90% or more of health-relevant data is generated outside of a care setting, which is why RexRegistry is designed to incorporate new types of data from patients and partners (exogenous enrichment), while applying sophisticated analytics to derive novel information from existing registry data (endogenous enrichment). Together with Prometheus informaticists, RexRegistry can integrate seemingly disparate data sources to create significantly valuable data resources.

Whether on-staff, volunteer, or contracted, the statisticians, data scientists, and researchers employed by registry stewards appear perpetually overworked; but 80% of their “data analysis” effort actually goes into the tedious, repetitive work of wrangling the raw data they receive into datasets that are usable for analysis. RexRegistry eliminates most of these monotonous tasks by delivering just-in-time analytic datasets that are already cleaned and organized for each specific data use—from annual reporting to the community, to risk adjustment analyses, to comparative effectiveness research. How would the ability to ask (and answer) 80% more questions advance your mission?

When data is organized for reuse, leveraging your clinical data registry for multiple purposes simultaneously becomes the norm, not the exception. RexRegistry solutions include powerful tools for securely sharing and repurposing any data from within and across your society’s different initiatives, including education, advocacy, and research.

An End-to-End Solution for Patient Advocacy

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Building a world-class, agile data registry that stands the test of time is no small task. We’ve put together a checklist to help you get started.

  • Initial questions you must ask before building for clinical data registry
  • Understanding what defines quality data and how to evaluate your existing data
  • Strategies to assure the future usability of your data
  • The value of data ownership and maintaining control of your registry infrastructure
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We know researchers have very different local environments and levels of support. We can provide you with everyone and everything you need to make your registry a sustainable success, including hosting and managing your registry, and providing data management, training, and security consulting.

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Respecting the Privacy of Your Patients’ Data:
Our Security Policy

Prometheus treats all Data as highly confidential. We do not classify Data into different grades of sensitivity since only the Researcher knows what the data mean. Instead, we treat all Data under the assumption that it must be protected at the same level as Personal Health Information (PHI) as defined by U.S. federal regulations (specifically, HIPAA). View our complete Privacy Policy and Statement for Patient Portal Research Participants here.