Introducing “Clone Requirements” for Even Faster Study Configuration

There are many instances when the same or similar set of requirements exists across several groups of participants (e.g., “obtain consent”, “complete medical history”), and/or multiple time-points (e.g., “draw blood”), as in a longitudinal study.

Rather than define sets of requirements multiple times, we introduced a feature in RexStudy that will allow study configurers to “clone requirements.” It operates much as you would expect–by making an identical copy of the requirements list from a group or time-point, then allowing you to add or remove from this list as needed to satisfy the new group or time-point.

This feature has the capacity to dramatically cut down the time it takes to to set up a study while simultaneously improving the consistency of data collection. It’s a simple feature but offers tremendous value to time-strapped research teams who would rather focus more on their research, and less on the configuration of their study.

Have you used Clone Requirements yet? Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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