One simple time management philosophy that can help you to unleash your true potential: The Pomodoro Technique

Today, the world is filled with individuals who are constantly rushing from one task to another with no time to spare. However, just because your calendar is full does not mean that you are managing your time effectively; it simply means that your calendar is FULL.

We ask ourselves this question pretty frequently: Am I really achieving my full potential on a daily basis? If the answer to this question for you isn’t a confident ‘yes’,  then you might want to check out The Pomodoro Technique. Prometheans have been using it to great initial success.

The Pomodoro Technique is a time-management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s—thus the cool Italian name. If you translate Pomodoro to English it simply means Tomato. The technique is extremely straightforward and unlike many productivity methods, is mainly concerned with how to get meaningful, focused work done. The Pomodoro (pictured above) is a kitchen timer that looks like a tomato.

Here is how the Pomodoro Technique works, in tomato-shell:

1. Select a task that needs to be completed

2. Set the Pomodoro (or any timer—no fancy Italian tomato version necessary) to a pre-determined time (25 minutes to start should be sufficient)

3. Remain focused and work uninterrupted on your task until the timer rings (some tasks will take multiple Pomodoros to complete)

4. Allow yourself a 5-minute break before heading into the next Pomodoro or a 15-30 minute break after every 4 Pomodori (i.e. Grab some coffee, stretch your legs, toss a stress ball at the intern)

5.  Check off your completed task and give yourself a pat on the back.

For those of you who are serious about trying it out, you can purchase/download the book/ebook below:

Plus, there are tons of online references to use (and templates for tracking your tasks).

Have you tried the Pomodoro technique before?  Are you planning to give it a go this week?  Let us know about your experience!