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Get the Solution Brief for Prometheus’ Database Management Platform

Prometheus offers an open-source platform for deploying and configuring clinical research data registries capable of integrating novel data sources, maintaining analyst-configurable ETL pipelines, and deploying unique query capabilities via data marts. With Prometheus, Research IT can deliver unique workflows and tailored data models in order to support a wide variety of research endeavors.

Included in this Solution Brief:

  • Description of the Problem: Informatics professionals believe adding specialized staff will allow them to leverage electronic clinical data to improve outcomes. But such staff is scarce and expensive.

  • The Solution: Increase data interoperability and reduce the level of skill required to both conduct and support research.

  • Technical Specifications: Learn more about our analyst-configurable platform that empowers Research IT to deliver tailored, yet maintainable research repositories optimized for conditions of high data variety and data volatility.

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