Our Database Platform: Fast. Configurable. Repeatable.

RexDB™ enables Research IT organizations to meet the unique needs of investigators and their collaborators,

without burying themselves in one-offs and maintenance costs.

What is RexDB?

RexDB enables implementation analysts to create Configurable Data Repositories (CDRs). Unlike typical data warehouses and data marts, CDRs can be configured with little-to-no help from software engineers, and with no help from database administrators. RexDB is a blank slate, which means it can accommodate most data models and workflow requirements regardless of domain area. RexDB is a data management tool that simplifies the task of building an entirely new system, acquiring data, storing data, and exploring heterogeneous data for IT organizations. RexStudy and RexRegistry both leverage the power of RexDB.

  • Create entirely new data repositories for storing unique data
  • Create entirely new workflows for entering, updating, and reviewing data
  • Configure three core areas of functionalities: RexApp, RexAcquire and RexMart.
RexPlatform Research Management Software

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