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Start seeing the complete QI picture with a registry capable of integrating research findings—and even facilitating new ones.

Our QI registries are tailor-made to create quality improvement feedback loops that incorporate data

from across your clinical and research activities.

Speak Clearly and Carry a Big Dataset

We don’t just deliver a QI registry; we deliver the ability to combine data in uniquely valuable ways—

from clinical data to patient reports, biomedical research and public data repositories.

The Capabilities You Need to Effect Change Locally and Nationally

Don’t let the name fool you. “Quality Improvement” represents more than just reducing waste, achieving better patient experience scores, or participating in MIPS: QI is emerging as one of the most important forms of research in modern healthcare, in which both traditional and novel data types from across the care continuum are being integrated to create a comprehensive and measurable picture of health. Why settle for a few dashboards when our QI registries can deliver the capabilities you need to become a trusted source of knowledge in your domain—and to use that knowledge to effect meaningful change, both locally and nationally.

Get the Solutions Brief

  • Create and maintain a QI feedback loop between the registry and frontline care providers.
  • Monitor, benchmark, and improve performance on an individual, site, regional, or national level.
  • Integrate data within and across an expanding network of clinical sites.
  • Curate and selectively combine data across health domains and connection modalities (e.g., FHIR, CDA, RIOS, ETL).
  • Incorporate data from ancillary and specialty-specific systems.
  • Transform subsets of data into specialized information models to support data sharing and analytics.
  • Directly acquire experience and outcomes data from patients

  • Explore and communicate findings through extensible dashboards, reports, and notifications

  • The harder it is to gather information from your study subjects, the better we can help you. This is our specialty area.

RexRegistry is an Extensible Platform with Useful Features

  • Interoperable with all Health IT systems via FHIR, CDA, RIOS, and ETL

  • Configurable Chart Abstraction/Data Entry Options

  • Integrated Data Quality Checks and Reports

  • Simple and Complex Query Features

  • Services for Data Integration and Transformation

  • Cohort Selection for Research Projects

  • Measure, Protocol, & Study Management

  • Open-Source and Industry Standard Components

  • Powerful web-API for Simple, Secure Interoperability

  • Extensible to New Measures & Data Types

  • Highly Tailorable Data Models and Screens

  • Certifiable for Government/Regulatory Compliance

  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant

  • Data Export in Standard Formats

  • Mobile and Tablet Compatibility

Provider Portal

  • Physicians can review their performance at any time through the Provider Portal.
  • All individual provider performance rates are benchmarked against the entire registry.
  • Members not only see their measure-level performance rates, they are also able to drill down to specific patients (or another scoring unit) based on counts for each criterion.
  • For CMS submissions, providers confirm their eligibility, formally attest that their data and measures are correct, and authorize the registry to submit their measures for each of their practices.

Administration Portal

  • The operational center provides reports on important registry statistics including vendor submissions, amount or types of data loaded, data quality (based on data checks you define), and data processing time.
  • The Administrator Portal provides interactive dashboards and query interfaces for exploring de-identified and aggregate data on provider performance including calculated measures and case mix statistics.
  • The portal displays registry statistics outlined by you and your team, such as counts of providers submitting data by region, subspecialty, practice type, or practice size.

Data Exploration/Querying

We offer three different methods for constructing queries: Guided, Assisted, and Complex.

  • Guided Query: Iteratively refine the question without having to know anything about the underlying registry data model or concept mappings. Can include convenient non-query actions such as PDF report generation or exporting a dataset based on a query result.
  • Assisted Queries: Preconfigured to return performance metric datasets based on user-specified query parameters. Produce data sets that contain not only performance metrics for de-identified providers but also other non-identifying characterization information (e.g., practice location, size/volume).
  • Complex Queries: Data Managers, Statisticians, Programmers and other approved staff can use to access a given data mart to answer highly specific questions.

Standard Reports

  • Customizable dashboards provide access to pertinent information from abnormal and critical test results/medications to performance measures, comparisons, analytics, and outcomes measures.
  • Providers not only see their measure-level performance rates, they are also able to drill down to specific patients (or another scoring unit) based on counts for each population criteria. 

Prometheus Privacy Policy

Prometheus treats all Data as highly confidential. We do not classify Data into different grades of sensitivity since only the Researcher knows what the data mean. Instead, we treat all Data under the assumption that it must be protected at the same level as Personal Health Information (PHI) as defined by U.S. federal regulations (specifically, HIPAA). View our complete Privacy Policy and Statement for Patient Portal Research Participants here

Everything You Need for Sustainable Success

We know organizations have very different local environments and levels of support. We can provide you with everyone and everything you need to make your registry a sustainable success, including hosting, managing your registry, and providing data management, training, and security consulting.

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Working with Prometheus in developing our registry has been a great experience. They share our vision for collecting data that can be used to research the most cost-effective and beneficial treatments for our members’ patients and demonstrate the value that the services of podiatrists bring to the public. Prometheus is a highly professional, well-organized company with an expertise in registry development. We are very happy we choose Prometheus for this project.
James R. Christina, DPM, Executive Director/CEO, American Podiatric Medical Association