RexStudy: Increased Staff Management with Archiving

We are excited to announce the inclusion of an archive user function in RexStudy.

Research teams are often fluid, with members joining, leaving, and re-joining regularly throughout the term of a study. When a team member departs, care needs to be taken to ensure the right data are preserved for audit purposes, at the same time as other information is hidden from view to avoid inaccurate selections.

As of RexStudy 4.16, you can solve this problem by archiving users who are no longer on a research team.



When a user is archived, you’ll only see their data where it makes sense, and not where it doesn’t. For example, the archived user will not be able to be assigned new appointments, or provided new study permissions. In locations where it’s important to know where the archived user left off, such as during data entry or logging of communications, the system will display “–Inactive–” next to their name. This allows you to quickly know whether the user is able to complete the task, or if it should be handled by someone else.



The same archive functionality has been rolled out for studies, labs, and sites as well!

You may be wondering, “what happens if my team member returns from, say, their sabbatical?” Well, you can always unarchive a user, which will return their account to an active state within the system.

With the introduction of archive, you’re able to more elegantly handle off-boarding and on-boarding procedures, avoid clerical errors, and increase your study’s data integrity.

Have you tried archiving users yet? Let us know what you think!