RexStudy: Researchers Provided More Control and Flexibility With Latest UI Enhancements

Version 4.15 of RexStudy introduces a significantly redesigned user interface that focuses on providing the user with a lot more control. With the guidance of our fantastic Design Control team, we’ve phased out the lengthy sidebar menu in favor of a configurable, two-tier drop-down menu across the top of the screen. Now an analyst can easily configure as many menu options as needed and customize permissions to exactly reflect client requirements. Whether that client represents a research center, multi-site collaboration, or single-lab installation of RexStudy, the new menu can support each permissioning scheme to an uncommon depth of ability.

The second significant update introduced in 4.15 was the introduction of RexAction, a powerful framework for configuring research workflows. With RexAction, analysts have a nearly unbounded ability to configure attractive screens and information displays that mimic a research team’s internal workflows. Want to refer to people as “Patients” instead of “Participants”? Not interested in tracking mortality across a given population? Now you can easily hide a field or quickly change a field’s properties to represent precisely the nomenclature and processes used in-house. RexStudy makes it easy meet the unique needs of any research site.  



To learn more about RexStudy, our UI Design team, or to try out our new configurable workflow utilities, reach out to us for a personalized demo.