RexStudy: Save Time by Using “Preview Calculations” During Data Entry

Consistent and accurate scoring of assessments—especially ones with complex branching logic and lookup tables—is critical to maintaining the highest level of data quality. But what’s even more helpful is being able to preview calculations, such as summary scores, while you are still entering the data.

Why is it useful to preview calculations, rather than wait for data entry to be completed? Because in many research domains, and especially the areas of mental and behavioral health, instrument scores are multi-part results that need to be captured in full in order to be useful. For example, the Aberrant Behavior Checklist requires a summary score in order to look up a z- or t-score, which is equally important for research. In order to capture that z- or t-score in the same assessment record, however, the data entry person would first need to submit their form to run all of their calculations, use the result to determine a z- or t-score, then re-open the assessment record to update the information or re-enter the form data entirely. Entering data into a form twice just to capture z- or t-scores is an inefficient use of time and resources. Worse, calculating the results manually introduces the possibility of human error (a data quality no-no).

With our new Preview Calculations feature, data entry staff can view the summary score, determine the t- or z-score, and wrap up their task all in one step, thereby capturing all of the data necessary to complete the assessment and avoid data entry errors. This means higher data quality, less time spent entering and calculating data, and greater confidence in study results.

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