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Simply fill out the form on the right to request the PDF of the Solution Brief detailing the specifics of RexStudy for Research Centers and learn why our centralized data management platform is the ideal solution for managing the inherent complexities of conducting clinical research.

RexStudy is a highly-configurable, integrated data management platform for centralizing research data and research operations across all of your unique research workflows. Once configured, RexStudy becomes a securely shared and evolving resource that increases researcher productivity and data reuse across an entire research center.

Included in the Solution Brief:

  • The Problem: Adapting to complex, varied, and changeable workflows inherent in biomedical research.
  • The Prometheus Approach: Integrated data management offering the configurability to effectively centralize research data and operations across research workflows.
  • RexStudy high-level features and benefits.

Are you part of a multi-site research network or consortia?

Check out our RexStudy Solution Brief for Multi-site Research Networks and Research Consortia.