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Our Software Liberates Your Research Data and Research Workflows

RexStudy is a configurable research database that supports the rapidly evolving needs of complex, multi-site, and longitudinal environments.

RexStudy Research Management Software

An End-to-End Solution for Complex Human Subjects Research

Research Participants Stored
Research Data Points & Growing
Research Instruments Collected
Research Events Tracked
Biospecimens Inventoried

What Problem Does Our Research Data Management Software Solve?

RexStudy addresses a paradox in research: Pressure from funders pushes researchers to be more collaborative and clever about data sharing and reuse; yet, the lowest-common-denominator-style tools available force researchers to either dumb down their protocols or to waste resources maintaining single-study solutions. We knew there was a better way, so we built a platform capable of centralizing the parts of your research that should be consistent, while enabling custom workflows and novel experiments required for innovation.

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  • Consistently manage all of your data, across all of your studies
  • Monitor participant enrollments for your study, lab, and/or center
  • Securely acquire electronic data from your participants and staff
  • Support center-, lab-, and even study-specific research workflows
  • Track every step of the protocol, from consents to gift cards
  • Create sharable datasets that easily and correctly combine data
  • Integrate with EHRs and single-study tools, like REDCap

Benefit From Centralized Research Data Management Tools and Best Practices

RexStudy reduces the costs (and increases the speed) of data collection and research operations.

RexStudy Data Management Software Solutions

Trust your data

Stop waiting weeks for someone to “find the data for you,” and start getting a trustworthy picture of your enrollment and event progress within and across studies, anytime you want.

RexStudy Data Management Software Solutions

Train new staff

Easily onboard new research staff—even if their effort is split across multiple roles or studies, and even if those studies use custom research or administrative workflows.

RexStudy Data Management Software Solutions

Reduce participant fatigue

Make the most of each participant’s time by identifying and eliminating redundant study or data collection events and focusing on collecting only what is truly needed information.

RexStudy Data Management Software Solutions

Streamline recruitment and enrollment

Quickly match potential study participants from existing cohorts using inclusion and exclusion criteria, and leverage our support for both study- and center-wide recruitment activities.

RexStudy Data Management Software Solutions

Leverage multimodal data collection

Cut down on data entry by collecting research data from participants using Web- and SMS text-based instruments. Paper? (Dual) Enter the data with one of the fastest tools available.

RexStudy Data Management Software Solutions

Share your data

Securely provide ad hoc and recurring datasets to your colleagues, staff, collaborators, and publishers without the file versioning headaches and HIPAA-compliance fears.

Countless Possibilities: RexStudy is a Configurable End-to-End Solution

  • Study & Protocol Configuration

  • (Centralized) Recruitment

  • Enrollment Monitoring

  • Participant Management

  • Survey Configuration

  • Ad Hoc To-Dos

  • Dual-data Entry

  • Phenotype Management

  • Summary Variable Calculations

  • Inventory & Derived Data Management

  • Customize/add new types

  • Support for imaging, genomics, sensor data, biospecimens, & more

  • Grant Reporting Configuration

  • Custom Dataset Creation

  • Data Sharing & Reuse

  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

  • Mobile & Tablet Compatibility

  • Longitudinal & Multi-Site Support

What Else? Reliable Hosting Services and Support

We help you succeed in the long term through professional hosting services (your data center or ours),
data management support, software upgrades, and ad hoc training.

Working with Prometheus Research on the ABC-CT Autism Biomarker Consortium for Clinical Trials has been a pleasure. Their experience on large, multi-site projects was not only critical to the overall success of the Data Coordinating Center but was vital for efficient day-to-day support activities.

James Dziura, MPH, PhD, Professor of Emergency Medicine and Deputy Director, Yale Center for Analytical Sciences, School of Public Health, Yale University
I can always be assured we can get the most complicated problems solved, with the right answer. As a clinical psychologist, I can say they are the best translators of computer-geek-speak around.
LeeAnne Green-Snyder, PhD, LP, Lead Phenotype Consultant, Simons Variation in Individuals Project (VIP)

Prometheus enabled us to reclaim over 20 years worth of clinical data from a disparate array of legacy systems; these data are now integrated with our research data (often on the same individuals) to create an expansive resource for reuse and sharing.

Fred R. Volkmar, PhD, Director, Child Study Center, Yale University
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