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Manage Your Most Complex Studies While Simultaneously Centralizing, Validating, and Repurposing Data Across Research Endeavors.

Our solutions enhance your expertise and workflows to make longitudinal, multisite,

and multidisciplinary research more productive and reproducible.

RexStudy Research Management Software

Start Benefitting from Clinical Research Informatics

Best Practices and NIH-Supported Registry Technologies

The Capabilities You Need to Escape the Modern Research Paradox

Funders and publishers increasingly want large, collaborative datasets that smash silos and accelerate research. The tools and methods for facilitating complex, collaborative research are often reinvented for each endeavor—creating more silos and slowing the operational pace of research. We set out to address this paradox for researchers by creating the missing tools. Together with our nearly two decades of experience supporting biomedical researchers, our solutions deliver the capabilities you need to do your best work.

Get the Solutions Brief
  • Consistently manage research operations across all your studies.

  • Centralize recruitment for your lab, center, and/or consortium.

  • Securely acquire multimodal data from participants and staff.

  • Support center-, lab-, and even study-specific research workflows.

  • Track every step of every protocol, from consent to gift cards.

  • Securely share datasets that automatically and correctly combine data.

  • Integrate with EHRs and single-study tools like REDCap.

An End-to-End Solution for Complex Human Subjects Research

Research Participants Stored
Research Data Points & Growing
Research Instruments Collected
Research Events Tracked
Biospecimens Inventoried

Countless Possibilities: RexStudy is a Configurable End-to-End Solution

  • Study & Protocol Configuration

  • (Centralized) Recruitment

  • Enrollment Monitoring

  • Participant Management

  • Survey Configuration

  • Ad Hoc To-Dos

  • Dual-data Entry

  • Phenotype Management

  • Summary Variable Calculations

  • Inventory & Derived Data Management

  • Customize/add new types

  • Support for imaging, genomics, sensor data, biospecimens, & more

  • Grant Reporting Configuration

  • Custom Dataset Creation

  • Data Sharing & Reuse

  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

  • Mobile & Tablet Compatibility

  • Longitudinal & Multi-Site Support

Configurable Without Custom Programming

RexStudy adjusts to the evolving requirements of complex, longitudinal research, making it easy to quickly add new studies, new instruments (forms) and data elements, new operational workflows (often in less than a day), and new interactive data exploration interfaces. RexStudy provides the ability to configure research workflows to streamline data acquisition. Since configurability is inherent to RexStudy, our solutions are flexible enough to adapt to changing conditions and support your research for years to come.

Manage and Share New Studies, Labs, Users, and Data Types

RexStudy can quickly add new users, studies, forms, research assets (appointment rooms, sample types, legacy ID types), sites, and data marts. RexStudy provides powerful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that include advanced query and data transformation functionality, and facilitate integration with bioinformatics pipelines, EHRs, legacy data sources, and third-party tools, such as REDCap, Qualtrics, R, and Tableau.

Data Exploration Across Sites, Cohorts, and Time-Points

The best information model for storing your data is almost never the best one for exploring or analyzing it—let alone if your research combines data across types, timepoints, and disciplines. If you’ve ever been handed an incomprehensible “flattened” dataset, you understand how frustrating this tradeoff can be. RexStudy doesn’t shoehorn everything into one compromised model. Instead, all operational and acquired data is stored in an optimized model that maintains the provenance of each piece of data and the explicit relationships between them; but since it would be inconvenient to query or analyze data in this model, RexStudy can easily generate data marts that are individually optimized to support your reporting, exploration, and analysis activities. Virtually any combination of data accessible to or within the registry can be included in a mart, and each mart can use a completely different information model. Best of all, each mart can have its own data sharing permissions, making them ideal for supporting collaborations and publications.

Everything You Need for Sustainable Success

We know researchers have very different local environments and levels of support. We can provide you with everyone and everything you need to make your registry a sustainable success, including hosting and managing your registry, and providing data management, training, and security consulting.

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I can always be assured we can get the most complicated problems solved, with the right answer. As a clinical psychologist, I can say they are the best translators of computer-geek-speak around.
LeeAnne Green-Snyder, PhD, LP, Lead Phenotype Consultant, Simons Variation in Individuals Project (VIP)

Working with Prometheus Research on the ABC-CT Autism Biomarker Consortium for Clinical Trials has been a pleasure. Their experience on large, multi-site projects was not only critical to the overall success of the Data Coordinating Center but was vital for efficient day-to-day support activities.

James Dziura, MPH, PhD, Professor of Emergency Medicine and Deputy Director, Yale Center for Analytical Sciences, School of Public Health, Yale University

Prometheus enabled us to reclaim over 20 years worth of clinical data from a disparate array of legacy systems; these data are now integrated with our research data (often on the same individuals) to create an expansive resource for reuse and sharing.

Fred R. Volkmar, PhD, Director, Child Study Center, Yale University