A Brief Introduction to Clinical Nomenclatures

Vocabulary management systems in electronic health records (EHRs) standardize how medical information is communicated. Although primarily intended to improve patient care, they also benefit researchers by bringing structure to complicated, nuanced, and dynamic health data. Built into EHR software, vocabulary management [...]

Record Matching: Facilitating Rich Data Sets When Merging Clinical Database

The digitization of health records is making the aggregation of EHRs, prescription claims information, and other clinical data easier than ever before. But before analyzing clinical data collected from different databases, researchers need to first determine where the databases overlap. [...]

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EHRs for Clinical Outcomes Research: How to Maintain Researcher Productivity

Opportunities for advancing clinical outcomes research are on the rise. This is largely thanks to electronic health records (EHRs)—a patient care tool that is already capturing meaningful clinical information on an unprecedented scale. But the sheer existence of EHR databases does [...]