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An Agile Data Registry for Empowering Phase IV Analytics

We understand clinical research—why it’s challenging, why it’s essential, and why data plays a central role. From repurposing data across disparate trials to acquiring and enriching real-world observational data on new therapies, RexRegistry helps you get ready-to-analyze datasets to your data scientists and health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) staff faster than ever.

A Clinical Data Registry that supports all of your sponsored research initiatives

What RexRegistry Can Do

RexRegistry is a Phase IV data hub solution that delivers ready-use analytic datasets with real-world data from research, care delivery, and patients.

RexRegistry is a next-generation registry platform that can reduce the time and effort needed to answer questions with your data by 80% or more. Our tailored solutions are designed to facilitate voluntary and FDA-mandated observational research and can support multiple simultaneous studies and collaborations with a single infrastructure. Together with our available team of analysts and informaticists, we can enhance your ability to build evidence of efficacy, determine natural histories, discover recruitable cohorts, and monitor for emergent adverse events.

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Phase IV observational research requires accessing data generated across a wide breadth of the healthcare landscape, including clinical research, care delivery, social determinants, and patient reports. RexRegistry employs a multimodal acquisition strategy to acquire high-quality data across each of these sources—and beyond—through a series of specialized application programming interfaces (APIs) and end-user portals.

Given the heterogeneity of data needed for effective post-marketing research, the abilities to validate and refine the quality of the information within and across different data types in your clinical data registry are essential. RexRegistry accomplishes these feats by leveraging its robust quality control and quality assurance mechanisms to flag problematic data the moment it arrives, and to ensure data quality remains high over time.

Which data will reveal the next great therapeutic insight—or risk? No one knows, which is why RexRegistry can continuously incorporate new sources of information from public and private external partners (exogenous enrichment) while applying sophisticated analytics to derive new information from existing registry data (endogenous enrichment). Together with its data engagement tools, RexRegistry empowers data teams to answer more questions, more quickly.

Statisticians, data scientists, and health economics researchers are perpetually busy; but 80% of their “data analysis” efforts actually go into the tedious, repetitive work of wrangling the raw data they receive into datasets that are usable for analysis. RexRegistry eliminates most of this monotonous work by delivering just-in-time analytic datasets that are already clean and organized for each team’s specific data uses; it can even precompute statistical analysis plans, enabling data teams to focus on responding to new questions that arise.

When data is organized for analysis, using it for more than one purpose becomes the norm, not the exception. RexRegistry includes powerful tools for sharing and reusing data from within and across different clinical research endeavors; and its user management and data access controls are robust enough to support pre-competitive collaboration between rival sponsors.


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Everything You Need for Sustainable Success

We know researchers have very different local environments and levels of support. We can provide you with everyone and everything you need to make your registry a sustainable success, including hosting and managing your registry, and providing data management, training, and security consulting.

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Respecting the Privacy of Your Patients’ Data:
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Prometheus treats all Data as highly confidential. We do not classify Data into different grades of sensitivity since only the Researcher knows what the data mean. Instead, we treat all Data under the assumption that it must be protected at the same level as Personal Health Information (PHI) as defined by U.S. federal regulations (specifically, HIPAA). View our complete Privacy Policy and Statement for Patient Portal Research Participants here.