Tips for Successful Grant Proposal Writing: # 3 Make a New Friend

Earlier this summer we posted tip # 2 of our grant proposal writing series which highlighted the importance of remembering your (5ish) W’s. Our next recommendation is to get to know your program officer. Cultivating a relationship with your program officer can help make the proposal writing and submission process smooth and painless.


Tip # 3: Make a new friend

If you have read the funding opportunity announcement closely Grant Proposal Writing Data Research Company(like we know you will), you will often notice that there is a contact person listed for questions about writing the proposal. Program officers are there to help you and to answer any question you have, even if you think it’s insignificant. Don’t be shy about calling to discuss your ideas for a proposal, or to request clarification of a point raised in the funding opportunity announcement. Guidance from program officers will help you understand the requirements of the funding opportunity more completely, and can help you craft a proposal that is more likely to get funded. A program officer can be a great friend to have—once you get to know one another, he or she is even likely to contact you with information about new funding opportunities that might be a good fit for your organization.

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