Tips for Successful Grant Proposal Writing: #2 Remember Your W’s

Tips for Successful Grant Proposal Writing: #2 Remember Your W’s

Summer is an excellent time to get a jump on grant proposal writing. Since I know you’ve followed the advice I provided in Part 1 of this series on Tips for Successful Grant Proposal Writing and have already started preparing stock content that you can incorporate into future proposals, this tip will help you further refine the image of your lab or company that is presented in your grant proposal. This is the second entry in a five part series of small proposal writing tips that can help you prepare for painless grant proposal submission.


02] Remember your (5ish) W’s
Read the funding opportunity announcement carefully! A complete grant proposal will address the need outlined in the funding opportunity announcement and will answer the following questions:

  • What is the problem you are solving?
  • How will you solve the problem?
  • Who will be doing this?
  • Why is your work necessary?
  • When will it be accomplished? (And how long will it take?)
  • How much money will you need, and how will it be spent?

Remember, whomever reads your proposal doesn’t know who your organization is and what it does. Explain your strategy as well as you can within the proposal’s page limits.

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