Proven open-source technology, tailored for integrating and repurposing health data.
We understand clinical research informatics. We use it to ensure your data are useful, not just abundant.
What you’re doing is research. (Trust us.) We’ll make sure your methods deliver the answers you need.
Proud to support bold organizations at the forefront of improving health outcomes.

Integrated Registries for Extraordinary Outcomes

Prometheus Research
builds integrated registries that support biomedical research, quality improvement, education, and advocacy. Our registries use flexible, open source technologies, and our team ensures the data selected for your registry are both immediately useful and persistently available to answer the questions you haven’t thought of yet.

Tools were developed for accessing the phenotypic and genetic data in a manner that greatly facilitated research. It enabled scientists to ask questions that have never been approached before. None of this would have been possible without Prometheus Research.

— Gerald D. Fischbach

Prometheus Research Announces $1M in Expanded Funding

Prometheus Research announced today they have received nearly $1M in additional support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and health-focused private philanthropies for their work developing open-source integrated registry software and related clinical research informatics data standards.