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Frequently Asked Questions


What is NDAR?

The National Database for Autism Research (NDAR) was developed under the NIH to help accelerate progress in autism research by creating a secure, web-enabled infrastructure that integrates heterogeneous datasets, and provides unprecedented access to a high volume of research data relevant to ASD.  The NIH, in its initiative to promote data sharing, has made submissions to NDAR a mandatory task for many autism research grant recipients.


What is included in a NDAR Submission?

The National Database for Autism Research (NDAR) website provides details as to the specific data submission formats, including how much a typical submission in this format would cost to prepare and submit.  


Why Prometheus Research?

Prometheus Research are industry leaders in NDAR submissions.  In fact, we were the first entity to submit data that met the National Database for Autism Research (NDAR) requirements, and collaborated with the NIH to develop the NDAR GUID mechanism.  Our tools, including RexDB®, have been uniquely tailored to support the NDAR submission and federation processes.


How much should I budget for NDAR Submissions?

If you’re already a Prometheus data management services (DMS) client, you should allocate 0.1FTE; this amount of support typically covers both semi-annual NDAR submissions for up to an R01-size project.


If you’re not yet a DMS client, we can still support your standalone project. Costs start at $5,000 per-submission, with a typical R01 costing ~$7,500. (According to the NDAR group, attempting to perform a single submission yourself can range from $5K-$30K in labor and related costs).


Do I need to have my data in a certain format?  Does it need to be RexDB®?

No and no. We can accept data stored in most common formats of flat files (e.g., SPSS, CSV, XLS) and/or relational databases (e.g., FileMaker, Access, SQL).


Do you have grant text I can use?

Yes.  We can provide you with the appropriate grant text suited to the needs of your particular project.  Use the contact form in the upper right or email us directly at:


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Use the contact form in the upper right or email us directly at



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